lundi 23 avril 2018

avril 23, 2018

Best Investments In 2018! Magic Formula From $0 To $1 Million

“[Entrepreneur] is a word that means you’re going to work, take risk, be disappointed. It’s a big commitment. “                   Diane Hendricks, Cofounder of ABC Supply.

Keep in mind that, investing mean more money. So, what are the best investments that I can make in 2018? And, that will generate a great revenue for me.
So, if you are thinking about start making more money this year, you can think about one (or more) of these strategies, that will help you achieve your goal, and work toward your retirement at the same time.

The best investment to start with is the stock market, yes, it is the basic thing to do. Don’t be terrify of investing in stock market. There are a lot of strategies that will help you to find your way to make millions from it. Also, there are a lot of online platforms that give you the opportunity to invest in the stock market and keep making money without doing anything.

One of these platforms, is ETORO. Yes, it is a trading network, that allows you to copy other successful traders and start making money from what they do. Sign up now to Etoro Network and start making real money.
An important advice, is don’t invest all your assets in the stock market. And, even if you did try to diversify your stocks as much as you can.
You can use a strategy called DOLLAR COST AVERAGING, which means that you need to invest a sum of your money on a period and the other sum on another period. Don’t put all your money at the same time. For example, start by putting $500 at the first time, then invest $600 next month or next year. This strategy has proven to make investors more comfortable.
Also, we prefer investing in the mutual funds or the ETFs, because of minimal risk provided by them. An important thing is to start your journey of investing with the index funds, from across the market components. Which will provide super cheap fees and minimize the risk.
In addition, you will find too many online brokers, that you choose from them who will help you.
A very important advice from the experts, is in the start, don’t invest in the individual stocks because of the higher risk. Or, at least try to diversify as maximum as you can your portfolio.

Second investing zone, is the peer to peer lending. The best thing about it, is that you will be the bank. Yes, you will give loans and collect interests, as easy as it sounds.

A very process, because there are a lot of online platform that will protect your money and guarantee that you will get you interests. And, they provide also some important coverages.
The third investing method, is the real estate. Yes, you must know someone who is killing it with the real estates. It provides less risk, but keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy. To buy, sell or rent, you need to be expert or at least know the basic things before investing in it.

Finally, and as we said before, the best investment to do in 2018 or even in 2999 is to invest in yourself. The world is changing day after day, and not year after year. We must update ourselves same as we do with computers.

Start investing in books, try to read as maximum books as you can. Or at least, download them online and start reading.
In addition, buy courses and seminars and try to develop at least one new skill every six months.

Keep in mind, also the coaching program, that will change all your carrier. And, don’t care about how much you are going to pay, but think about the return.

The final advice is to start investing now, and you'll thank yourself later. Yes, the key is to start. Follow these steps and you will turn your 500$ into more that $1 million.

mercredi 11 avril 2018

avril 11, 2018

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Financial Advisor

What if I told you that you can make more than 6-figures a year as financial advisor. Yes, you will learn from this article the strategic steps that every financial advisor must follow to make more money a year.

Everyone knows that the job of financial advisors required a lot of work, late nights, and too much papers to deal with. But, all of this comes with a reward, a lot of money, a lot of job offers and big salaries.

The financial advisors job is based on showing customers how much they must invest, and where is the best place to put their money. Which mean that he will be trusted with people’s money and life savings.

As starting as a junior broker, the starting salary is between $18000 to $35000, without rewards and commissions. Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner managed to get 23k in his first-year growth, before health payments and taxes. After that, with a lot of industry lessons he started learning more about the industry. Which allows him to go from that $18,500 number to eventually earning over $100,000 as a financial advisor.

In his fifth year of work, yes just 5 years of work! He started giving seminars, talks or even call people, in order to proof himself. And, he started asking a lot of people of their financial plans.

He got his big client after that, which is the started point for all financial planners. You need just one big client, and then he started getting clients by doing a lot of seminars. He got a lot of experiences, skills and contacts.

Another point, is to do everything to make your name famous, which give you a good reputation and more clients.

Also, they will trust you with their money, which mean that you must have the integrity to give them the right choices. Beside the money, you must think about your client as future investment that will bring you more and more clients.

In addition, don’t let the rejections affect you, and be sure that you will be rejected all the time. But, your mindset is very important at this point. And, don’t let the word “No” bring you down and push throw.

Beside that, you must “Act as IF”, which mean that you need to feel to be successful, and confident about what you are saying. Don’t lie, but you must let them believe that you know important things, and that you will search for the answer if you don’t know it.

But, the best thing that will bring you the real money, is when you will start your own business. You have the experience, confidence and clients. So, what are you waiting for? It is the success time, keep in mind that the key is to do over.

mercredi 4 avril 2018

avril 04, 2018

How Can You Make Tax-Free Money?

Who loves taxes? A lot of us don’t know even why we have taxes. Why Do I need to pay taxes on money that I worked so hard to make?

So, how can you get tax-free money? In this article, we will break it all down for you and explain to you how to get Tax-Free Money. What if I tell you that you can invest and make more money without paying any taxes, yes zero taxes.

In order to save for retirement, the best choice that you need to do, is to start your money on a Roth IRA account. Which will allow you to get zero taxes on your invested money.

The Roth IRA, is an individual retirement plan, your contributions will not be tax deductible and qualified distributions are tax free. Which mean, that is the best tax-efficient way to start saving for your retirement.

You can put the money on the Roth IRA, with post-tax income. And, you can make contributions directly from your income. All future withdrawals are tax free.

So, by using a Roth IRA, you can potentially save a massive amount of money and access it tax-free when the time comes.

An important thing, to keep in mind, that the Roth IRA, is not an investment. It is an account type, you can put your money there, and invest in mutual fund or ETFs.

Keep in mind, that if you are under the age of 50 years old, you can put up to $5500 a year on your account. And, over the age of 50, you will be able to put $6500 per year.

The last thing, is that you can check with an online broker, he will allow you to have more choices and explanations. But, check with them and make sure that they are selling you the right thing.

samedi 31 mars 2018

mars 31, 2018

How to be a millionaire? Best Money-Saving Hacks

Everyone hopes to make millions, but there is no magic way to do it, without following an efficient strategy. This strategy can be by investing, and we spoke so many times about these strategies, or by saving. For that, we will give you from this article the best saving hacks that can make you a millionaire.

The important thing to do for your own management, is to start saving your money now. This money can grow to some massive amounts, that you have never imagined. The same amounts can be invested after that and make you so much money.

First thing that we will tell you to do, is to start putting as money as you can in a good insurance policy. Here are some advices that you need to take on consideration before buying an insurance policy: How to get the best life insurance policy? Always try to check the best rates for you and for your children, and compare between agencies offers, to pay less and get more coverage.

Beside that, you must change your mindset about buying cars or vehicles. Instead of putting your money in something that will depreciate and loose value, invest this money and generate more value. Think about the used cars and use it instead, and don’t pay more money in cars.

Another hack, that we love personally, is to make just one extra mortgage payment per year. That will save you a lot of money on the mortgage interests, instead of just giving it to the bank.

What about the raises that we get from work? We get all the time some raises and bonuses on our salaries or some premiums. The best to do with this money, is to invest it instead of spending it in nothing. Have always the principle of investing with you and invest any money you get.

In addition to that, try always to use your credit cards or your family’s credit cards to pay for expenses. And get rewards points and some coupons. This reward will allow you to take free vacations, without paying any cent. Pay for airlines tickets, hotels, toys or even clothes for free.

The last advice, is to try to increase your saving by 1% per year. Just 1% of saving will create too much difference and allow you to have always a big capital with you, ready to be invested.

mars 31, 2018

How can you turn $1,000 Into $1 Million?

We can’t imagine having $1 Million in our bank accounts just like that. Because our mind is always telling us that we can’t reach this amount and that it’s impossible to get to that zone.

But keep in mind that other people did it. So, why I won’t do it also. It is very easy process, that needed just some smart financial decisions.

For that, we will try to explain to you these decisions and how to implement them so easily. In order to use your capital, even if you are on debt, and make something big.

First thing that any financial adviser will tell you is to start paying your debt. No one can go further, and he is struggling on the bottom, with his loans. So, start paying your credit cards debt, cars loans or estates loans.

Another important thing, is to keep some cash on your checking or saving banks, with good interest rates, for emergency funds. Make sure that you can have it when you need it. This emergency fund will allow you to have freedom fund that gives you opportunities and change your work. All of that will gives you the power to do what you want with the amount that you still have. And
Now, the exciting moment come, it is time to invest. There are a lot of things to invest in that we spoke about it so many times. You can start by investing in stocks, mutual funds or even trading.

We suggest that you start by investing in mutual fund or ETFs, the best way to start. Get access to professional money or portfolio managers, if you can afford them. They will choose the best time to get in or out and choose the right stocks to invest in.
Investing in stocks still the best way that people use to make a lot of money. There are a lot of online companies that you can invest in them as a start even with $100, in order to learn about stocks.

Besides that, you can put your money on the peer to peer lending, that will allow you to collect interests just by lending your money to others. It is microloan platform, that has a lot of people that need money. Lend them and collect your interests, like banks.

Also, we spoke before about the crowdfunding, we consider it the future of business financing. Choose a business, startup or even an online business and invest in it. This allow you to get dividends or shares.

We suggest also, an innovative way to double your money, is by making a system that work 24 hours and make money for you. Invest in time, choose a team that will do the work for you and pay their salaries only, and collect profits.

The last thing, which is the most important, invest in yourself. Buy books and courses, that will allow you to change your mind set about businesses. Today, you can get online courses about everything and study everything you want so easily.

mercredi 28 février 2018

février 28, 2018

How to Avoid Letting Emotions destroy your company?

We are humans and emotions control our lives. But, in the professional context, emotions and emotional decisions can destroy everything.It is not asked from you to don’t have emotions, because this is our nature. But, we need as financial decision makers to control our emotions before taking any decision that can define the future situation of the company.

Also, as a manager or any decision maker, your success depends on how you manage your financial resources. Which mean that you need to take the right decision no matter what. From this article, we will give some techniques used by the most successful leaders, that will allow you to control your emotions when you are taking a decision.

The first thing to focus on, as we say always is to have a clear plan. Follow your plan even in tough times and try to update this plan in crisis time.

Also, you must know the right time to take a step to the back. Especially, on the markets that fluctuate and flows: The economy, the real estate market, the stock market, consumer demand…etc. You must know the right time to make decision of selling or buying. 

One day you’re winning and making a lot of money, the next day you don’t seem to be able to put a foot right. It’s also a game of fine lines. One mishap here, one misjudgment there and you can go from what ‘should’ have been a highly profitable day to a big losing day,” explains Net Picks, a leading online trading system.

Koh Poh Tiong, one of successful leaders said that leaders must have the skill of emotional balance and calmness. Even in crisis times, which mean that you need to take a deep breath and think slowly. In order to make the right decision, don’t ever hurry to decide.

In addition to that, the change may be also a great solution. Try always to avoid bad situations that make you uncomfortable or choose the right people to do it.

The right people can be also, an efficient way of dealing with problems and calmness. That why you need to choose carefully you team.

Finally, try to establish a financial goal, that allow you always to be on track and check every period.

février 28, 2018

What you need to know before Investing in a Startup?

Every investor sees the profit first before putting his money anywhere. This why the startup can be a smart choice for him. Because of, the ability of growing up fast and the creative ideas of the startups.
From this article, we will try to explain to you the things that you must consider before investing in startups.

The first way to finance a startup is by the crowdfunding, which is today the smart way of financing for the company itself. But, the investor must be aware that this way won’t give him a high return. Sometimes, he can get just access to product, with no return. But, it still the best choice for investors, that need to put small personal investment, and need to compare between a lot of creative ideas.

The second thing that you need to know, before investing in a startup, is the business plan, the strategy and objectives. You must see if this startup wants to grow or stay small. Another thing, is that you need to find out how they want to market their product or service. 

After that, every investor will check the return, how much this startup need to make profit and start paying the investors back. You will be to get their business plan and strategy and you can ask the managers to explain more.

Another advice, is to invest in the founders of the startup. It is very good to have some creative ideas, but you must know how make these ideas make profit in order to get investors. Speak with them and see how much they believe in their idea, and the way that they follow to success.

The most important thing is to search by your own people, or by yourself and find out the best startup for you. Don’t invest in a startup because everyone else do. You must check everything about this startup until you start believing in the idea and business plan.

Finally, the best thing to do for your own investment, is to diversify your investment. Even in startups, try to choose some different ideas. And, always have another asset with a very low risk. This will decrease the risk and allow you to be very calm on your choices.

mardi 27 février 2018

février 27, 2018

Creative ways to finance your business

To start any business you want, you always need funds. Also, if you want to still grow up you will be asked to search for additional resources. Even, if you are financing your business from your pockets. Sometimes, it is not enough, or it is better to choose another way to finance it. And, put your money somewhere else.

That is why, we are trying on this article to give some creative ways of financing your business.

  • Crowdfunding:

Starting with the crowdfunding, which is a very important mean of financing today. It is the ability to take friend’s or stranger’s money and use it to finance your creative business.
This way is very great and easy to get, you need just a creative business plan. But, the problem is that you can’t raise a lot of money and it is just for the short-term use.

  • Attract investors:

This is a very important way of financing. And specially, for capital expansion. But, you won’t be able to attract investors without having a clear business plan. That include a clear vison and objective.
Also, you must be able to present all the information for your investors and convince them to invest in your business the way you see it.
This investment is based on the future situation of the business. That why, your potential investors must know that your business is going to make money for them. That you are going to grow up. You need to communicate all your statements with them and explain your objectives to them.
And, be sure that having more investors on your business mean more money and more opportunities of investments.

  • Family & Friends:

Don’t be shy to ask, this is a business and you will be able in a brief time to give it back. Because, a lot of successful business started for friends and families’ contribution. Consider your friends as potential investors and explain to them your strategy and objectives.
After that, make them believe that your able to make for them profit. Also, you can give them shares to protect their interest.

  • Get a Microloan

With the new complexities and standards that banks made on the loans. You can consider going to the microlender or even commercial banks. They won’t bother lending a microloan.
The problem is that the microloan can be useful just for a short-term or for a small business. But, at least it is very easy to get. Whatever, it stays the best choice for new startups and new entrepreneurs.

Finally, the best thing to do before asking for funds and searching for the effective way of financing, is to make a solid business plan. That clarify all your objectives and strategies.
Just by this business plan, you will see that a lot of doors are open for you and you will have to choose between them.

samedi 24 février 2018

février 24, 2018

What are the primary Goals of the Financial Management?

Every company on the actual economic situation, must have a finance strategy. Which is the only function that allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities to grow, get the best loans rate and benefit from the best loans rate, salaries information and the optimization of income taxes.

Today, we are speaking under the function of finance about a process of managing the financial information of any company. This process is the Financial management, which focus on planning, organization, controlling the company’s financial resources and managing the risks.

In addition to that, the financial management aim to see the big picture of the actual situation, optimize the future situation and maximize the profit by managing the financial resources. Because the success of the company depends on the financial efficiencies of every operation.

First, and in order to have a great financial management. You must adapt an efficient planning process. That allow the company to manage the actual cash flows, by anticipating the future ones. Also, it ensures that the company will also be stable, and anticipate any financial problem that can make the entire system go down.

After that, every company must know its risks and anticipate the operational and strategic risks. It is a very important to measure the risks, and recruit people that master the risk management skill.  Also, with actual development, you can use insurance and automated financial management systems that will the company to reduce and control its risks.

Finally, we can’t speak about an efficient financial management without controlling the outcomes. And, to know the distance to achieve the goals. That is why it is needed to fix some mid-term objectives, to have a better control of the whole situation.


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